Song and Steel

Episode 1: Pilot

Our story begins at Gemmule, where three adventurers meet during the harvest festival. While they watched the games at the arena, a challenge was issued by an old man who accused the leader of the town of corruption. The confrontation almost came to blows, but Iamb pacified the two before blood could be spilled. He was arrested for interfering, but he soon convinced the town’s leader to free him and put off the duel for a couple days.

Ever alert, Chu’Gath noticed he was being followed by a shady looking dwarf. He led the dwarf into a back alley and ambushed him. The dwarf quickly revealed that he was Elek Stormeg, a treasure hunter, and he needed Chu’Gath and his friends to help him reach a long forgotten tomb. Elek was on commission by Lord Lurein Maguffin, and the heroes would be well compensated if they could help him find the tomb. They agreed and set forth to find the tomb of RA’A’a, a mythical god-king of the Xie’A’Po.

As the sly dwarf Elek expected, the party was ambushed on the way to the tomb by a group of formians. The adventurers gave the creatures an offering to buy safe passage, and they passed through the dense jungle unharmed. The maps had proved accurate, and the treasure hunters soon found an ancient tomb; the only problem was that the tomb was now the newest stronghold of the Ik-Tk-K-Zk supercolony. To make matters worse, the new colony was under attack by the same formians the group had dealt with earlier in the forest.

The adventurers, too close to treasure to be deterred, used trickery and stealth to make their way to the queen’s throne room. Though a bit concerned by the sudden appearance of the party, the new queen formian queen was welcoming to the adventurers. It seemed she was in a truly dire situation, and her new colony was doomed if these brave heroes could not help her. The heroes were intending to delve deeper into the tomb anyway, so they agreed to clear the lower rooms of the forgotten crypt.

A great iron door blocked their way, and its riddle pointed the adventurers to window shaft that illuminated the chamber. Dagrin’s stone senses tingled as he found a secret ladder that lead to the window; his spidey senses were not quite as perceptive. After the mighty warriors squashed a rather large spider, they climbed up the light shaft. They emerged into a circular chamber dominated by a brightly glowing, hovering gem in its center, complete with 4 Xie’A’Po tomb guardians. Through strength of arms and cunning, the party destroyed the guardians and awoke then destroyed the orb’s true guardian.

Rich with gems, the treasure hunters descended once again into the room with the large vault door. The power of the mysterious glowing gem opened the door, and the room erupted in firelight as braziers sparked and crackled. A massive army of construct soldiers lay before the adventurers; all obedient to the holder of the orb.


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