Song and Steel

Episode 2: Gems for Gemmule

The construct army poured out from the tomb headed by our noble adventurers. Generously, they left 10 soldiers to guard the new formian queen and help her establish her nest. Surely that investment will be repaid someday. This solution also allowed them to spare the other formian tribes and avoid an all out slaughter. Confident in their more diplomatic solution, the adventurers marched their army to the outskirts of Gemmule.

The small town, fearing the terrible wrath of the construct army, was quick to obey the adventurers’ decisions. They used their power for good and allowed the town to elect a new leader – Fengri Shanko, the old man who had issued the challenge in the arena. Fengri’s first act was to use the construct army’s protection as a chance to deploy the full town garrison on a raid of a slaver’s base.

The island base was the home to Graknar, a notorious Grook. A scrying portal allowed the adventurers to watch as the town’s guard took the island. Graknar escaped by ship, however, and is still at large. Fengri himself destroyed the base’s water pumps, which doomed hundreds of Graknar’s young offspring. A mysterious chest of an unknown metal was found in Graknar’s main room.

Having left the town in better hands (hopefully), the adventurers set off to deliver the tomb’s treasures and soldiers to Lord Maguffin. They arrived in the great city of Halzendor and made their way past many checkpoints to Maguffin’s residence in the upper city. The old dwarf was enamored by the great find, though a bit disappointed they didn’t find the tomb of the great RA’A’a. He made the adventurers a generous offer for the constructs, who he intends to place in one of his museums. The adventurers were handed magically sealed bank notes after handing over the control orb to Maguffin. Enriched and enlivened by the bustling city, they set off to to have their own adventures in Halzendor.


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