A recently settled human town, Gemmule has become a lively merchant port. It connects the treasures of a dwindling dwarven empire to various trade routes throughout the sea.

The original founders of Gemmule founded the town around 100 years ago after fleeing from a Yuan-Ti empire which had sacked their city. It has since become a shelter to many refugees and banished creatures, as well as merchants and settlers looking to make their fortune.

The primary dwellings of the human inhabitants of Gemmule are wooden houses that are raised upon stilts. They are often constructed out of hulls from decommissioned ships, and they typically dig a pond beneath the elevated wooden structure. The pond is used for intensive aquaculture and is connected to the ponds of nearby homes and to the lake through a serious of channels with wooden gates. When a new pond and home is constructed, the neighbors typically give gifts of fish and plant specimens to populate the pond. The ponds are too small to allow a family to fully subsist off of them, but they provide a type of herb garden for seasonings and medicinal plants and aquatic organisms. The primary nutritional needs of the community are met through floating-raft farms on the lake and through catching wild fish and animals.

The humans of Gemmule are well adapted for life at the water’s edge. Possessing small gills and mild hand webbing, they are quite capable sailors. Most of the town’s population consists of these aquatic humans, but there is also a small hill dwarf population living in Agsha-dun, the attached dwarven trade settlement. The town is also quite accepting to refugees and traders of other races, so many can be found here.





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